Here Chickie Chickie...

June 03, 2022

Hobby farm life in Springtown Texas

About 10 years ago a very dear family friend made a move to Colorado from Texas.  They had laying chickens and couldn’t take them so she offered them up to me and thus began my love of having fresh eggs.  I am not really sure what kind they were but those girls produced brown eggs and light green eggs.  Recently, my girls produced until they passed of old age.   

I needed some new girls so we went to the feed store and they were out.  After some thought, we decided we would “grow our own”.   We bought an incubator and I asked Debby Looney if she could find me some fresh eggs to put in my incubator.  She and her daughter-in-love had been hatching chickies so they gave me Easter Leggers (green eggs) and Plymouth Rock or Barrd Rock chickens.

Within 21 to 24 days 8 have hatched.  I don’t think my other 3 are going to make it.  We have set up a horse trough with shavings and a heat lamp with water and feed and they are just chirping around. They are so cute!  When they get a little bigger we will take them to the hen house and I will have fresh eggs for baking and to give away to my friends!

If you want fresh eggs…..

  • 1.       Find a friend that will give you some eggs
  • 2.       Buy your incubator
  • 3.       Find a place to put it so that it has circulation and easy to get to so that you can tend to it easily
  • 4.       Get your fresh eggs. They have to go into the incubator within 24 to 48 hours